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We are a small group of like-minded individuals from Eastern Europe – the region that we love wholeheartedly, but which recent developments make us really unhappy and depressed. The rise of authoritarianisms and other isms, archaization and corruption, the general atmosphere of hatred and distrust that has developed between nations over the recent years.

We can’t fight it or tackle it but what we can do is at least to try to explain it and that is why we’re here.

Waidelotte is a bard in medieval Baltic cultures. A man who roams around towns and villages telling all sorts of entertaining and instructive stories. Just like us!

We’d like our project to remind an old journal where we’ll be posting some articles and translations concentrated mostly around politics, society and history of Eastern Europe, but we are open to any new ideas and suggestions. So if you have something to share you’re more than welcome to contact us.

Meanwhile, enjoy!

Minsk, Upper Town at the beginning of the XIX century. Where over a couple of pints the idea of the journal was born. Picture (c) V. Staschenuk